West Creek Presbyterian is a mission work of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. As Presbyterians, we are led by elders who jointly lead as a session. As a mission work, we have elders from other OPC churches and presbyteries who form a provisional session to oversee the work of the West Creek church plant. Our location between two presbyteries enables us to draw from the pastoral resources of both the Southeast and Mid Atlantic Presbyteries. This provides us with excellent preaching and teaching along with years of wisdom through experience in Christian ministry. Learn about our leader/servants through the brief bios below.  

Our preaching team consists of the Regional Home Missionaries from the Southeast (Lacy Andrews) and Mid Atlantic (Charles Biggs) Presbyteries. They work together to support West Creek since we are on the border of the two presbyteries. They both live in Virginia, which facilitates their ability to serve us in this manner.

Pastor Lacy Andrews                                                             Pastor Charles Biggs

Lacy Andrews has been an ordained minister for over 40 years, pastoring churches in Tennessee and Virginia before becoming the Regional Home Missionary of the Presbytery of the Southeast in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in 2002. His primary work is to help plant churches and he has been instrumental in the starting of new churches in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia. He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and has served as an adjunct faculty member at Graham Bible College for over 26 years. He is married to Debbie, and they have two grown children and four grandchildren. He resides in Meadowview, Virginia, and has published two historical fiction novels, set in a Biblical context: The Pilgrimage: The Shepherd of Kedar Book 1 and Ascending Mount Zion: The Shepherd of Kedar Book 2. 

The Rev. Charles R. Biggs, Th.M., is the Regional Home Missionary for the OPC Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic (PMA). Ordained in the OPC in 2001, he was the pastor of Ketoctin Covenant Presbyterian Church in Purcellville for 18 years. Since his ordination, he has served as Teacher at 1st Baltimore OPC (Baltimore, MD), as chaplain and teacher at Chapelgate Christian School (Marriottsville, MD), as pastor at KCPC until 2021 (Purcellville, VA), and presently serves as Regional Home Missionary. He graduated from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA. and Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI. Rev. Biggs was a founding member of Loudoun Classical School in Loudoun County, Virginia, and was privileged to serve as the first President of the Board of Directors. Charles has been married to Margaret Ann for 31 years and they have two wonderful daughters, Elisabeth Grace and Esther Hope, whom they have adopted from China and Ethiopia. His family travels regularly with him as he serves as RHM and are affectionately known as “Biggs Team RHM!” The Biggs family has lived in Round Hill for almost 20 years.

Pastor Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs Is the Pastor/Teaching Elder at Knox Reformed Presbyterian Church, the mother church of West Creek. Jeff is married to Diane and they have three children. He is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College, and Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Jeff was licensed to preach in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (Presbytery of Central Pennsylvania), ordained in the PCA and is now serving in the OPC. He was born in Essex, Maryland, where at an early age began using drugs until the age of 19. He was born-again in 1991 (see short testimony video). 

Elder Alex McNeill

Alex McNeill is a ruling elder at Knox Reformed Presbyterian Church, the mother church of West Creek. Alex was born in Texas into a military family. He served with the United States Navy as a helicopter pilot, and met and married his wife, Rudelle, while he served in Norfolk, Virginia. They have four sons two of which grew up at Knox Reformed Presbyterian Church and has two grandchildren and one great grandchild. He retired after thirty-six years as an engineer in the power industry. A Ruling Elder at Knox since 1995, he was involved in planting Knox more than 30 years ago. 

Elder John Waddill

John Waddill is married to Becky and they have two daughters and five grandchildren. He is a retired nuclear engineer with forty years of experience in the power industry. John was converted while working at a summer camp for children in Tidewater Virginia and grew during his college years at Virginia Tech under the ministry of Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship. He joined the Presbyterian Church while in college and was ordained as a Ruling Elder in his twenties. John served as an elder in the PCA for over thirty years and is licensed to preach the gospel by the James River Presbytery. John and Becky joined Knox in 2020. John was installed as an elder in 2022 to serve Knox in the primary role of planting West Creek Presbyterian Church. He loves studying the Bible and reformed theology, as well as running, bicycling, hiking, and playing guitar (if he could ever find the time).